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Citadele Banka: Leading the Baltics’ Digital Banking Charge

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Citadele Bank Chief Strategy Officer Vladislavs Mironovs discusses leading a digital transformation charge in Baltic banking

Vladislavs Mironovs’s career underscores just how much the lines between finance and technology have become increasingly blurred.

A technologist throughout his time in higher education and his early career, Mironovs trained as a computer programmer for six years. With technology seemingly the set course for his working life, Mironovs’s first career opportunity presented itself in a sales role.

“Being in sales gave me an introduction to strategy and development, an area where I have since spent the best part of my career,” says Mironovs.

“I then went to work with GE Money Bank and I managed to get on board when the company acquired a local fintech company, which is where I managed to progress well.

“My last role with them in the Baltics was as Sales and Marketing Director, before going on to support GE Capital UK to manage its strategic pricing.”

It was from this point onwards that Mironovs began to get noticed, being picked up to GE global talent pool to become a future company executive. It was here that Mironovs went through a series of market rotations, spending time in London and Connecticut.

GE was soon sold, though, turning Mironovs’s career plan on its head. And, with a newborn child, he decided to head home to Latvia, where he came across Citadele Banka.


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