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An Interview with DaveAI’s CEO and Co-founder, Sriram PH

CEO and Co-founder, DaveAI
Beyond Hype: Sriram PH on Building a Successful AI Company and the Future of AI in Sales

In Conversation with PAXCOM’s CEO Punit Sindhwani

Founder & CEO, PAXCOM
AI and Analytics for Ecommerce Growth: Paxcom’s Vision for the Future

In conversation with WOOT Luxe’s Co-founders Amit Relan and Smita Shah

Co-Founders, WOOT Luxe
The Dynamic Duo – Amit and Smita delve into their inspirations that fueled WOOT Luxe’s creation.

In Conversation with Praxis Global Alliance’s Co-Founder Aryaman Tandon

Managing Partner, and Co-Founder, Praxis Global Alliance
Praxis Global Alliance goes beyond diagnosis to deliver real solutions.

The Future of Travel with SKIL’s Managing Director Shylender Jindal

Managing Director, SKIL Travel
Agility Meets Strategy: SKIL Travel’s Vision for Innovation and Growth

A Conversation with Koffeetech Communication’s CEO Jay Rathod

Founder & CEO, Koffeetech Communication
The 3 C’s of Success: Koffeetech Communication’s strategy to stay at the forefront of evolving trends

In Conversation with Amax Consumer Health Care’s Founder Dr. Amarjeet Singh Hora

Founder, Amax Consumer Health Care
From Ayurvedic Roots to Modern Solutions: Dr. Hora on Amax Consumer Health Care

A Conversation with Q&I’s CEO Vinay Singh

Executive Director & CEO, Thomson Digital and Q&I
Vinay Singh envisions Q&I transforming education. Through personalized learning, Q&I moves beyond traditional methods,

An Interview with WonderBotz’s Vivek Goel

Head, Commercial Center, India & Growth Markets, WonderBotz
Vivek Goel Discusses the immense potential of intelligent automation for India and Growth Markets.

A Conversation with Udaan’s CEO Mitull Batraa

Co-founder & CEO, Udaan E-Vehicles
Mitull Batraa’s optimism for the future of EVs in India is infectious, and his insights provide valuable guidance for stakeholders across the industry.




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