From Seed to IPO: How Planify Empowers SMEs and Drives Sustainable Growth

by Rajesh Singla, Founder & CEO, Planify Building the Future of Investment: Planify‘s Vision for Angel Investing and SME Success Synopsis:┬áPlanify connects angel investors with promising SMEs, offering funding, guidance, and connections beyond traditional venture capital. Their upcoming SME-focused VC fund lowers the entry point for investors, fostering collaboration and growth for both SMEs and […]

Google pours $350 million into Flipkart, supercharging India’s e-commerce leader

Get ready for faster deliveries and wider selection! Google joins Flipkart with a $350 million investment Big companies play the game of giants! They strategically invest in other businesses to unlock new opportunities and dominate the competition. This could mean conquering fresh markets, supercharging their assets, or even gaining a secret weapon against rivals. How […]



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