How Businesses Can Win with Ethical Gen-AI?

The Ethical Revolution in Customer Service: Building Trust with Gen-AI The customer service landscape is being reshaped by a powerful new force: Gen-AI for Customer Service (GACS). These AI-powered assistants promise to eliminate hold times, personalize interactions, and streamline the customer experience. However, with this immense power comes a critical responsibility – ensuring the ethical […]

In 2024, What’s the Right Mix of GACS and Human Interaction for Customer Service?

The Evolving Landscape of Customer Service: A Symphony of Human and AI The customer service landscape is undergoing a dynamic transformation. On one hand, we have Generational AI for Customer Service (GACS), fuelled by advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and emotional intelligence (EQ) AI. These AI assistants are rapidly becoming adept at handling complex […]


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