DAEWOO’s India Story: A Tale of Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships

by H.S. Bhatia, Managing Director, Daewoo India Synopsis: In 2023, Daewoo, the renowned South Korean brand with a 50-year legacy in automotive and electronics sectors, made a significant foray into the dynamic Indian market. This move was facilitated by a strategic collaboration with Kelwon Electronics & Appliances, involving an investment of approximately INR 300 crore […]

Beyond ChatGPT – A Look at Top AI Chatbots in 2024

AI Chatbots: Beyond ChatGPT – A Look at Top Contenders in 2024 The landscape of AI chatbots has dramatically shifted in 2024. While ChatGPT remains a familiar name, a new wave of innovative chatbots are vying for user attention. These alternatives offer a wider range of functionalities, from research assistance to creative writing, catering to […]

TOP 5 Cloud Service Providers in 2024

The Cloud Titans: A Battle for Computing Supremacy Cloud computing has become the backbone of the digital age, transforming how businesses operate, and information is stored. Imagine ditching your bulky server room for a virtual one, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. That’s the magic of the cloud – on-demand computing power, storage, and […]



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